Best Friends Art Paper is a collab with great artists from Sweden, Denmark and Bornholm. You find works and thought about art by Love Lundell, Morten Schelde, Kinga Bartis, Hans E Madsen, John Rasimus, Petra Jensen, Olle Schmidt and Linnea Jensen. An sincere act of reaching out between artist and you as a an artlover in this troubled isolated times.



Best Friends Art Paper

  • Contact me via mail with your order and adress.

    If you order from Sweden or within Europe the shippingcost is 4 €.

    If you live in DK the shippingcost is 25 dk.

    If outside Europe 6 €

    If you want to buy more than one and if you want to sell the artpaper at a store please contact me and we will find out salary and shippingcost.