Dream or document?

Updated: Apr 28

According to Ingmar Bergman, you could divide the premise of the creative process into dream or documet.

He might not have meant it so consistently, but it is an interesting observation.

The film instructor Peter Grönlund interviews the artist Anna Bjerger about her exhibition at Gallery Magnus Karlsson and ask her the question. Anna Bjerger answers, that for her, it´s more likely, that she uses the document to reach the dream. The answer feels like a precise note to what´s going on in her work.

It makes me think about what my own premiss are. What starts my process and what is the intention?

I use, just like Bjerger, also already existing pictures, but instead of using other peoples, I use photos where I have staged myself.

Does it mean that I also uses the document /something already existing, to reach the dream /poetry / feeling?

I think it may be more fluent and that it, actually, could be vice versa. That I use the dream to reach to the document.

For example the inkdrawing, "Women with a Stick". (See the pictures above)

The piece is loaded in a dreamy way. There is a potentially violence in how the women stands and holds the stick. The dragon pants, the red colors against the black violet background gives associations to something rebellious. Paired with the title "Women with a Stick" it could be perceived as a feministic comment.

The image "Love The Stone" is both an inner and an external comment. It shows a state, a tender relationship with nature. But the stone could also associate to slowness, hardness, immobility, appearance that we often find difficult to handle.

And finally it could be read as a comment to the world we live in, where we now find ourselves in a serious climate crisis because of our detachtment with nature. "Love the stone" could therefore both express a feeling, something private, and a call for change.

So in my work you will, in the seemingly poetic expression (dreamy) find a hidden social comment (document).

Does I use the dream to reach the documet? No, but it seems like they are somewhat intertwined in my work.

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