Colour creates reactions. It always surprise me. That colour are triggers.

I've heard all kinds of things over the years as an artist about my colours.

They're too dark. Or they're too bright. They're too much. Or someone just don't like purple.

I've heard my pictures described as gloomy. And another told me that she might have felt like she'd eaten too much sugar when she saw my pictures, it kind of veined all the way up to her ears.

Over the past two years I've gone through a few phases. I've been trying to find an expression for the motive. Motives that draw their subject matter from my time in the woods and mountains.

I have been experimenting with landscape painting as a shanger. How much color and chaotic strokes could a landscape take before it broke? I was very happy with those pieces which I painted on large scale paper, but I wanted something more and I wanted to start painting in oils again.

The strong colours went with me into that process. But now it doesn't feel so interesting to explore the boundaries for the landscape painting , I want to go deeper, I want to get under the skin of the subject. I don't just want the "painting" or the figure in the landscape. I want to paint its feeling and inner being .

It has occurred to me that there is a difference between painting an emotionally charged painting and painting one where you capture the depth beneath the emotion, which I see as the soul, the inner being.

Emotions come in all colours, they can be strong, dark, cutting, mild, heavy, light, bright orange, turquoise, mud brown, pink and so on..

But if you want to paint the soul, I feel you have to go a completely different way.

If I want to get at the soul in the painting, I can't think of the paint as paint, but then I have to think of the paint as different degrees of light and dark.

Emotions have colour. The soul has light.

Here are two versions of the same painting. One which I see as more colorful and emotional charged and one where I seek to go beneath emotion and touch something deeper felt.

You can open your eyes now

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